Things You Should Know Before Using Liferay WYSIWYG Portlet

The Liferay WYSIWYG portlet allows for WYSIWYG editing capabilities in a very simplified package. While the lightweight nature of the Liferay WYSIWYG portlet can be useful, Liferay Marketplace indicates that the app, "should only be used when the full capabilities of Liferay's CMS system is not needed."

Some of the limitations to the lightweight nature of the Liferay WYSIWYG portlet are as follows:

  • Contents are not searchable 
  • There is a limitation on moving content from page to page 
  • Versioning is not available, meaning, any accidental or erroneous changes can not be reverted or tracked 
  • Content translations are not available 
  • Contents created in Liferay WYSIWYG portlet are not visible from common portlets, such as Asset Publisher or Web Content Display 
  • These contents do not support scheduling to be published, expired or reviewed at a given date 
  • These contents do not support categorization 

If any of these functionalities are necessary for you, then it is recommended that the full suite of Web Content Management be used as an alternative to Liferay WYSIWYG portlet.

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