Oracle Database Support Policy

This article specifies the Liferay support policy for the Oracle database application when used with Liferay Digital Experience Platform, Liferay Portal EE, or Liferay Commerce ("the product"). It addresses support coverage unique to the Oracle database and not already covered in the generic Database Application policy.

For more information please see the Database Application Policy.

Long Term Support (LTS) Versions

Liferay tests for compatibility the LTS versions of the Oracle Database application.  Other versions may be tested for compatibility depending of the costs and benefits of adding such versions.

Oracle XE

Oracle Express Edition (XE) isn’t tested as compatible with the product. The Express Edition has explicit limitations on database size, CPU core usage, and memory usage. Therefore, Liferay can’t assure that Oracle XE is adequate for all production environments that use the product.

Oracle GoldenGate

Liferay hasn’t tested compatibility with Oracle GoldenGate. Using Oracle GoldenGate properly with the product is the subscriber’s responsibility.  

Oracle ADG (Active Data Guard)

Oracle ADG (Active Data Guard) is a native function of the Oracle database and is tested as compatible with the product.

CLOB (Secure File) Option

The product is compatible with native database features like CLOB, given that such features don’t modify the logical structure of the Liferay product tables. Thus, database administrators (DBAs) may:

  • Move indices/LOBs to separate tablespaces
  • Move individual tables to separate tablespaces
  • Choose the allocation size
  • Use transparent tablespace encryption
  • Use transparent tablespace compression
  • Use SecureFiles instead of standard LOB storage
  • Rebuild indices when fragmented
  • Reorganize tables when fragmented

Oracle RAC (Real Application Clusters)

The product is compatible with the use of RAC (Real Application Clusters), as RAC is a native function of the Oracle database application.

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