Upgrading to Permission Algorithm 6

Permission algorithm 5 was used as the default permissions algorithm starting with Liferay Portal 5.1. Beginning with Liferay Portal 6.0, permission algorithm 6 is now used.

When upgrading from any version earlier than Liferay Portal 6.0, the permission algorithm may be on a legacy algorithm. Users may find it advantageous to migrate their permissions from algorithm 5 to 6 before upgrading from a Portal 5 version to Portal 6. Algorithms 1 through 4 are user-based and cumbersome as permissions must be set per user. Algorithm 5 is role based. Algorithm 6 is bitwise and uses only two-thirds of the space that Algorithm 5 uses.

This article describes how to upgrade your permission algorithm from earlier versions to permissions algorithm 6.


Please refer to the Migrate to Algorithm 6 section of our Liferay Portal User Guide.

Additional Information

Depending on the number of roles a user has, the permission upgrade may take a long time.

To speed up the upgrade process, users can change the multi value map to store in memory, as this should be faster for the upgrade:


#Set the multi value map property to 0 to store the map in memory and 1 to

#Store the map in the file system.



Changing both properties to 0 (zero) will have the multi-value-maps stored within memory.

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