Before Opening an Activation Key Ticket

This article provides a short checklist of questions to ask and steps to take before opening an activation key ticket in Help Center. By taking a moment to go through this checklist before opening a Help Center request, you ensure the fastest possible resolution for your issue.


  • Please review the Activation Troubleshooting Guide
  • If the troubleshooting guide does not help you resolve your issue, please record screenshots of the error or issue that you are encountering to include with a ticket.
  • Attach the Liferay logs generated from startup, and LCS log file where applicable:
    • You can find these log files in [Liferay Home]/logs (Liferay Home is usually the parent folder of the application server’s folder). There are 2 types of log files in this folder:

      1. Liferay log files: The files liferay.[date].log and liferay.[date].xml are the logs for your Liferay DXP installation. Note that LOG and XML files for the same date contain the same information–the only difference is the file format.

      2. LCS log files: The lcs-portlet-[date].log files are the LCS client app’s logs. Note that if there’s only a single LCS log file, it may appear without a date as lcs-portlet.log.

  • Please post the host name, IP address, and/or MAC address of your production level servers
    • You can do this by sharing a screenshot of the License Manager, located at [ex. localhost:8080]/c/portal/license.
    • Local developer workstations do not require this information.
  • If you are using Liferay Connected Services, please review the LCS Troubleshooting steps relevant for your Liferay DXP version:
  • For temporary keys, please also include a description of your use-case and purpose for the request, so that your Account Executive can review the request and approve it.
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