Requesting a New Feature or Feature Improvement

As an open-source company, Liferay has always highly valued feedback and suggestions from our community of users on how to continually improve our products.

Creating and Upvoting Feature Requests

If you have a request for a new feature, or enhancements to existing features, you can post your ideas in the dedicated Feature Request section on Liferay Ask.

Here, you will also be able to see other Feature Requests from other users. The more feedback from the community, the better our Product Teams will be able to see when an idea is in-demand. So please:

  • Post your ideas
  • Upvote ideas that you also would like to see implemented
  • Leave comments detailing how the feature would help you accomplish your goals
  • Subscribe to the posts you’d like to receive updates on

For more information on Liferay’s process of evaluating Feature Requests, please see this article.

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