High Priority Issue Checklist

This article provides a brief checklist of items to run through when your server is frozen, or goes down entirely. Collecting this information before opening a support ticket is a significant step towards helping us to provide you with a quick resolution.


To help our Support Team serve you in the most effective way, please provide the following details upon opening a support ticket:

  1. portal-ext.properties
  2. All relevant logs/stacktraces
  3. List of patches installed in environment
  4. JVM settings
  5. Look back to changes made in the portal before the server stopped working. Can you determine what change to the environment introduced the instability?
  6. While there are many reasons a server can go down, the most common are:
    1. CPU spiking or hanging

      In this case, please provide thread dumps (5-10 dumps at 20-30 seconds apart).

    2. Memory

      If you observe out of memory exceptions or memory leaks, please provide a heap dump. To get it to us, open a ticket as soon as possible and our engineers will assist you in FTP'ing the dumps to Liferay Support.

Providing these items for us on a ticket gives us a big headstart in pinpointing the cause of the issue. Of course, in the event of a product defect, we will be providing you a long term fix and/or a short term workaround as soon as we can.

Additional Information

Many production-down situations can be prevented through the use of an adequate non-production environment. Testing each deployment in a pre-production is a critical step to avoid production-down situations.

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