Price Lists

A price list contains a list of products with alternate prices from what’s stored by the catalog. The prices stored by the list are only available to members of specified user segments. Other buyers must pay the base price stored by the catalog’s SKUs.

You can use a price list to give preferential pricing to some users, but the list’s prices need not be lower than the catalog’s base price. A price list could impose higher prices to reflect additional costs involved in doing business with certain buyers, or it might allow buyers to make purchases using a currency other than the store’s default.

Creating a Price List

  1. Go to Site MenuCommercePrice Lists and click on the Add button at the top right.

  2. Fill in the following fields and click Publish when finished:

Name: Give the list a name.

Store Currency: Select the price list’s currency.

Priority: If a user has access to more than one price list and a conflict occurs, the list with the higher priority is used. Lists are prioritized in numerical order.

User Segments: Hit the Select button and check the box next to user segments that should have access to this price list. Then click Add.

Schedule: Enter a date range for when the list is active. Check Never Expire to make it permanent.

Populating a Price List

You may have published a price list, but you haven’t yet had a chance to add any products to it. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Site MenuCommercePrice Lists. Click on the list you want to edit. If you just published a list, you’re already on this page.

  2. Click the Entries tab and then the Add button. In the pop-up, select the SKUs you want to add to the list and click Add.

  3. Now you see the SKUs you selected on the Entries tab. Choose a product and enter its new price.

    If you want, enter a price in the Promo Price field as well. A promo price overrides the main price, but both prices can appear on the product page so buyers can see the markdown. Click Save.

  4. Repeat step 3 until a price has been set for all SKUs you added in step 2.

Tiered Pricing

Price lists make possible pricing tiers that unlock lower prices for bulk buyers. Specify a price and a minimum quantity necessary to unlock that price. Successive tiers can unlock even lower prices for higher-volume purchases.

Follow these steps to set up tiered pricing for a product:

  1. Go to Site MenuCommercePrice Lists and click on a list. Click the Entries tab to see this list’s SKUs.

  2. Click on a product’s name and then on the Tier Price Entries tab.

  3. Click the Add button and fill in the Price and Minimum Quantity fields. You can also override the price with a Promo Price (see above). Click Save.

  4. Repeat step 3 to add successive tiers to the same product.

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