Measurement Units

Liferay Commerce comes with a number of common measurement units already defined, but if you or your shipping provider use different units, you may need to change the default settings.

Among the measurement units defined, two—one for weight and one for distance—must be designated as primary units. The primary units are the only units used by the catalog and by the variable-rate shipping method.

If you use Courier Shipping to integrate your shipping cost calculations with a shipping provider’s system, you must have the provider’s units defined as well. If the provider uses units that are different from your primary, the conversion is handled automatically.

Adding a New Measurement Unit

  1. Go to Site MenuCommerceSettings and select the Measurement Units tab. Then choose the appropriate sub-tab for Dimensions or Weight.

  2. Click Add and fill in the following fields:

    Name: Enter the unit’s name.

    Key: A unique identifier for referring to the unit programmatically. This field auto-fills.

    Primary: Check this box to set the new unit as the store’s primary.

    Ratio to: If the unit is not primary, enter its ratio to the primary in terms of how many of the new unit are equal to one primary. For example, if the primary unit is kilogram and the new unit is metric ton, the ratio should be 0.001. If the unit is primary, then you must adjust the ratios of your other units (see below).

    Priority: Sets the order in which units are displayed on a page. Lower numbers come first.

  3. Click Save.

Choosing a Primary Measurement Unit

The default primary units are pound for weight and inch for distance. Follow these steps to set another unit as primary:

  1. Go to Site MenuCommerceSettings and click the Measurement Units tab. Select the appropriate sub-tab for either Dimensions or Weight.

  2. Find the measurement unit you want to set as primary. Click on the Options button next to it and click Edit.

  3. Check the Primary box. Click Save.

  4. Once a new primary has been set, you must reset the other unit’s ratios. Click on the Options button next to each unit, click Edit, and change the Ratio to value to reflect the new primary. The ratio should indicate the number of secondary units that are equal to one primary. If the primary is kilogram, the ratio would be 1000 for gram and 0.001 for metric ton.

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