Liferay has its own JavaScript library called AlloyUI, an extension to Yahoo’s YUI3 framework. You can take advantage of AlloyUI or YUI3 in your themes. Inside your theme’s main.js file, you’ll find definitions for three JavaScript callbacks:

  • AUI().ready(fn): Executed after the HTML in the page has finished loading (minus any portlets loaded via AJAX).
  • Liferay.Portlet.ready(fn): Executed after each portlet on the page has loaded. The callback receives two parameters: portletId and node. portletId is the ID of the portlet that was just loaded. node is the Alloy Node object of the same portlet.
  • Liferay.on(‘allPortletsReady’, fn): Executed after everything else (including AJAX portlets) has finished loading.

Figure 5.4: Content of main.js

Figure 5.4: Content of main.js

Now let’s make your theme configurable by defining settings.

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