Before Opening a Search/Indexing ticket

The following article outlines a short checklist of questions to ask and steps to take before opening a search/indexing ticket in Liferay Help Center. By taking a moment to go through this checklist before opening a Help Center request, you're ensuring the fastest possible resolution for the particular issue.


For each ticket, please make sure that the attached file, and the output of patching-tool info is up to date. Furthermore, please work through the following checklist and include the resulting information when you create a ticket:

  1. Where are you searching exactly? (Search portlet? Web Content Search portlet? etc)
  2. What terms are you searching for?
  3. Does the user have view permission on the result that should be found?
  4. Have you tried re-indexing?
  5. Are there any errors in the logs?
  6. Are you using Solr?
    1. If so, what version of Solr are you using?
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