Before Opening an Authentication Ticket

The following article outlines a short checklist of questions to ask and steps to take before opening an authentication ticket in Help Center. By taking a moment to go through this checklist before opening a Help Center request, you ensure the fastest possible resolution for your particular issue.


For each ticket, please attach your file as well as the output of the patching-tool support-info command specific to the environment.

For authentication tickets specifically, please work through the following checklist and include the resulting information when you create a ticket:

Are you using an SSO?

  1. If so, does the issue exist with the SSO disabled?

Is the issue with LDAP?

  1. What LDAP solution is implemented?
  2. Please provide screenshots of the LDAP configuration or the portal-ext if LDAP is configured there.
  3. Does the issue exist when you are not using LDAP?

Is the issue with SAML?

  1. Which version of the SAML plugin are you using? If you're using a snapshot release, please attach the plugin to the ticket.

  2. If you have configured the SAML plugin through the UI instead of a properties file, please provide screenshots of all the tabs of the SAML Admin in Control Panel.

  3. Please provide a clear description of Liferay's role in the SAML process (IdP and/or SP). If Liferay only takes one of the two possible roles, please provide more details on what the other participant is.

  4. Please run through your SAML settings once again. Are there any typos in the virtual hosts? Are the Metadata URLs correct? etc.

  5. Please always attach a full liferay log.

When did the issue start occurring? Were there any changes made to the portal around this time?

  1. Provide Liferay with steps to reproduce.
  2. Provide Liferay with complete logs including full exceptions of when the issue is occurring.
  3. If the issue is reproducible only with a 3rd party technology, Liferay Support will need to build up an environment where the issue is reproducible. Please gather the necessary information for this as well.
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