In this chapter, we discussed personal sites for portal users. We showed how to enable or disable them, how to set whether or not pages should be automatically created, and how to customize automatically created pages. We also examined general customizable pages that don’t belong to personal sites. Administrators can designate certain pages or portions of pages to be customizable and site members can configure these portions of the pages, add or remove portlet applications, and save their configurations.

We also discussed how you can use Liferay’s rules engine with Liferay EE. As you can see from the Sample Rules Portlet, using a rules engine can be a powerful way to decouple the rules of your application from the front-end and back-end code. These rules are written in a declarative language that business users can read and verify. Additionally, rule definitions can be modified without modifying the underlying Java code, re-compiling, or redeploying your applications.

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