Introduction to Liferay Utility Applications

In this chapter we’ll look at some Liferay utility applications that might be useful for you. The Software Catalog is currently packaged with Liferay but will soon be replaced by Liferay Marketplace. Please see chapter 13 for information about Liferay Marketplace and managing Liferay plugins. The Knowledge Base application is an EE-only plugin. In this chapter we’ll discuss several of these applications:

  • Bookmarks
  • Weather
  • Software catalog
  • Shopping
  • Knowledge Base

Liferay’s Bookmarks application is a simple way for users to keep track of URLs in the portal that can also be used by an administrator to publish relevant links to groups of users. The Software Catalog allows you to define a set of software items to display to visitors. The Knowledge Base application allows you to create articles and organize them into full books or guides that be published on your portal.

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