Creating Content with Structures and Templates

Creating Content
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Now that you have a template for your structure, you can use that structure to create content. Remember, the template formats the structure’s content for display.

Follow these steps to create your content:

  1. Open the Menu (Product Menu) and select The Lunar ResortContentWeb Content.

  2. Click the Add icon (Add) at the bottom-right of the page and select Lunar Guides List. This takes you to the New Web Content form for your structure. Note that the fields and field groups you defined in the structure are all here.

  3. For both Title fields, enter Choose Your Lunar Guide. Don’t worry about the duplication. The first Title field is default for all web content. You’ll use the Web Content Display app to show only your structure’s title field. This lets you use the template to style the field’s content, rather than apps that display web content.

  4. Fill out a field group for each lunar guide: Cody, Jim, Russ, and Steve. For each Image field, select the guide’s image from the images you uploaded earlier. For each Link to Page field, click Select to open the dialog that lets you select a page in your site. In this dialog, click Lunar Guides, select the guide’s page, and click Select.

  1. Click Publish.

The content now exists, but you must still publish it on a page in your site. Follow these instructions to do so:

  1. Go to the Lunar Guides page.

  2. Click the Add icon (Add) at the top-right of the page and expand Content.

  3. Drag the content Choose Your Lunar Guide to the page. This displays your content in a Web Content Display app.

  4. Note that your content contains duplicate titles. You’ll fix this now. Click the Web Content Display app’s Options button (Options) and select Look and Feel Configuration. In the General tab, select Barebone for Application Decorators, then click Save. The only title that remains is the one you defined in your structure and styled in your template.

  5. Now you can test the content to see how it works. Click a guide’s picture or name to go to that guide’s page in the hierarchy.

Great! Next, you’ll learn how to integrate JavaScript into your templates.

Figure 1: The lunar guides, at your service!

Figure 1: The lunar guides, at your service!

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