Social Office Setup Guide

This article describes how to get a Social Office instance up and running for the Liferay Portal.


Activation key

In order to use Social Office EE, users will require an activation key. Users can check if they have one by going to > Account > License > App. If there is a Social Office entry here, then they have an activation key for Social Office. However if there is no entry, users can either:

  1. Request an activation key
  2. Use a trial license (see below)


To download the latest Social Office from Liferay Marketplace, users must first purchase it. To do so:

  1. Go to Liferay Marketplace > Social Office EE > 30-day trial > download
  2. Register with trial activation key.
    • Note that the hostname is all that is required for registration.
  3. Go to > User Profile > Apps > Personal Use > Social Office EE
  4. The App button downloads the latest versions, however, users can reach the previous versions by clicking the Find Past Versions link. If users cannot find the app in the list, it means users do not have an activation yet. See the Activation Key section.
Note: For Social Office EE 3.0.1+, when users click the 'App' button to download the latest version, they will need to go through the online activation key registration process. In this process users will be asked to choose one of the already registered instances to download, or to register a new one. This way, the Social Office lpkg will contain the activation key file.

Deploy & Register

Once users have downloaded the Social Office .lpkg file, they should copy it to the deploy folder.

If the activation key file is not included in the .lpkg

  • Go to Admin > Control Panel > License Manager
  • Paste the Order Id
    • Navigate to Marketplace > Apps > Social Office EE
  • Then Next, Next, Finish
  • Restart the portal

If the activation key file is included in the .lpkg (3.0.1+)

  • It will be hot deployed, which registers the plugin automatically.
  • Activation keys also come in XML files which can be hot deployed.

The result of the registration may be checked in the log and on the portal's License Manager page.


To have access to Social Office, users need to grant the "Social Office User" role to the user in question. In Liferay Portal 6.2, there will be an alert when users click the "+" sign on the left.

Upgrading Social Office

To upgrade Social Office (SO), simply deploy the newer version to the hot deploy folder. If SO has been registered earlier, there is no need to register the newer version.

There is an upgrade issue with some portal versions which leaves junk files in the webapps folder. These can cause issues such as an unstable SO and Liferay. To prevent this from happening, set hot.undeploy.on.redeploy=true in the before deploying the newer version. Remember to shut down the application server, then restart.

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