Including Patching Tool Info With a Help Center Ticket

In the process of reproducing customer issues, it is critical that the patches in a given environment be made available to the Liferay Support Engineer who will be assisting you.

This article describes how to capture a list of the patches installed in your environment. The patch information can then be uploaded to Help Center when opening a ticket.


To output the patching information for your environment, the following command must be utilized from the patching-tool folder: patching-tool info

The fastest way to create a file that can be uploaded to the ticket is to:

  1. Open a command window in the [LIFERAY_HOME]/patching-tool folder.
  2. Use the following command to “pipe” the patching tool information directly to a .txt file: patching-tool info > patchinfo.txt
  3. The text file will be created in the patching-tool folder. Upload patchinfo.txt to the Help Center ticket.

Additional Information

Please note that your instance of Liferay Portal may come with patches if it is downloaded from the customer portal. As this is the case, the patching information will be required from your first ticket.

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