Installing Fix Packs and Hotfixes on Liferay Portal 6.x EE

To install fix packs and hotfixes, please download the latest patching tool.


  1. Stop the application server. 
  2. Download the file mentioned to PATCHING_TOOL_HOME\patches\ directory 
  3. From the PATCHING_TOOL_HOME command prompt, execute patching-tool install or ./ install 
  4. Confirm the patch was installed by executing patching-tool info or ./patching-tool info. You should see an I next to the installed patch 
  5. Start the server. 

If the hotfix is not installed OR if you receive an error that is not covered in the documentation below, please open a Help Center Support ticket and provide the full patching-tool output.

Note: If there are any issues with the installed fixes, verify that there are not any remaining files within the application server cache from the previous patch installation of a fix pack or hotfix.

For example, in Tomcat, clear out the $CATALINA_HOME/work and $CATALINA_HOME/temp directories. The reason why these folders should be cleared out after the patch has been installed is to ensure that any temporary or cached files from the last patch level is not being utilized. Clearing the temporary folders within the application server allows for the Liferay platform to have a fresh start based on the new patch level.

During the installation, and files will be created and stored in the ROOT/WEB-INF folder.

DO not delete the and files.

The file is necessary for installing future patches. This is because the patching-tool reverts the installed fix pack before installing a new one. In order to revert the installed fix pack, it examines the contents of the in order to determine what changes have been made that it needs to revert. 

Note: The web.xml file inside the /WEB-INF folder will always be overwritten by the one inside the patch. Any custom configurations made by system administrators will be lost. Administrators should remember to add back custom configurations before restarting the application server.

While removing the file does not affect the patching-tool's report of what's installed in the bundle, we do not recommend removing the file from the ROOT/WEB-INF because doing so will cause future installations to fail.

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