Liferay Faces: Features

This article is a legacy article. It applies to previous versions of the Liferay product. While the article is no longer maintained, the information may still be applicable. 

This article describes some of the helpful features for Java Server Faces, as well as, more specifically, Liferay Faces.


Java Server Faces Features

Java Server Faces is industry standard for user interfaces and contains some of the following features:
  • Standardized with a Java Specification.
  • Can make development easier using a little Java code instead of a lot of Javascript.
  • Supported by large vendors (Oracle and JBoss).
  • Large community to help,support, and contribute to.

Liferay Faces Features

  • Liferay Faces provides support for the JavaServer™ Faces (JSF) standard within Liferay Portal.
  • The Liferay Faces Alloy sub-project provides a suite of JSF UI components that utilize Alloy UI.
  • The Liferay Faces Bridge sub-project is a portlet bridge for JSF which provides the ability to deploy JSF web applications as portlets within Liferay Portal.
  • The Liferay Faces Portal sub-project provides JSF utilities, EL keywords, and a suite of JSF UI components that are Facelet equivalents of the JSP tag libraries provided by Liferay Portal.
  • Supports CDI and WSRP:
  • Mature platform: Liferay Faces is made for use in production, lots of time spent on QA in the last release.
  • Small amount of bugs/issues. Only around a 100 or so and most are minor.
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