Deploying Projects with IntelliJ IDEA

Once you’ve created a project and installed your Liferay server in IntelliJ, you’ll want to deploy your project. Follow the steps below to do this:

  1. Right-click your project from within the Liferay Workspace folder structure and select LiferayDeploy.

    This automatically loads a build progress window viewable at the bottom of your IntelliJ instance.

    Figure 1: Verify that your project build successfully.

    Figure 1: Verify that your project build successfully.

  2. Verify that your project builds successfully from the build progress window. Then navigate back to your server’s window and confirm it starts in your configured Liferay DXP instance. You should receive a message like this:

    INFO  [fileinstall-C:/liferay-workspace/bundles/osgi/modules][BundleStartStopLogger:35] STARTED com.liferay.docs_1.0.0 [652]

That’s it! You’ve successfully deployed your project to Liferay DXP!

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