Upgrading Themes Created With the Liferay Theme Generator

A Liferay Portal 7.0 theme can be upgraded to Liferay DXP 7.1, regardless of its project environment (Liferay Theme Generator, Plugins SDK, Maven, etc.). But a theme created with the Liferay Theme Generator can leverage the theme’s gulp upgrade task. If you’re developing your theme in an environment other than the Themes Generator, the gulp upgrade task doesn’t work for your theme. Please follow the manual directions in the remaining tutorials in this section to upgrade your theme manually.

Here’s what the Upgrade Task does:

  • Updates the theme’s Liferay version
  • Updates the theme’s Bootstrap version
  • Updates the theme’s Lexicon version
  • Suggests specific code updates

Here are the steps for using the theme Gulp upgrade task:

  1. Navigate to your theme’s root directory.

  2. Update the path of your Liferay DXP server in your theme’s liferay-theme.json file to point to your 7.1 Liferay DXP server. You can use the gulp init task to update the path to your server.

  3. Run the command below to update liferay-theme-tasks to the latest version:

    npm update liferay-theme-tasks
  4. Run the command below to upgrade the theme:

    gulp upgrade

    Here’s what it does:

    • Copies the existing theme to a folder called _backup
    • Creates core code for generating theme base files
    • Collects removed Bootstrap and Lexicon variables
    • Updates Bootstrap version references
    • Updates Lexicon version references
    • Updates Liferay version references

The Gulp task list any deprecated or removed variables. For other areas of the code it suspects might need updates, it logs suggestions. The task also reports changes that may affect theme templates.

The Gulp upgrade task jump-starts the upgrade process, but it doesn’t complete it. Manual updates are required.

The rest of the tutorials in this section explain all the theme upgrade steps, regardless of whether the gulp upgrade task performs them. Steps the upgrade task performs are noted in context. Even if you’ve already executed the upgrade task, it’s best to learn all the steps and make sure they’re applied to your theme.

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