Updating Theme Templates

Liferay DXP 7.1 theme templates are essentially the same as Liferay Portal 7.0 theme templates. Here are the main changes:

  • Velocity templates were deprecated in Liferay Portal CE 7.0 and are now removed in favor of FreeMarker templates in Liferay DXP.

Key reasons for using FreeMarker templates and removing Velocity templates are these:

  • FreeMarker is developed and maintained regularly, while Velocity is no longer actively being developed.

  • FreeMarker is faster and supports more sophisticated macros.

  • FreeMarker supports using taglibs directly rather than requiring a method to represent them. You can pass body content to them, parameters, etc.

You should start by addressing the Velocity theme templates. Since Velocity theme templates are no longer supported, you must convert your Velocity theme templates to FreeMarker.

If you’re using the Liferay Theme Generator, the gulp upgrade command reports the required theme template changes in the log.

For example, here is the gulp upgrade log for the Westeros Bank theme:

 Liferay Upgrade (7.0 to 7.1)

Renamed aui.scss to clay.scss
File: footer.ftl
    Warning: .container-fluid-1280 has been deprecated. Please use 
    .container-fluid.container-fluid-max-xl instead.
File: portal_normal.ftl
    Warning: .navbar-header has been removed. This container should be 
    removed in most cases. Please, use your own container if necessary.

The log warns about removed and deprecated code and suggests replacements when applicable. For reference, the main changes appear below:

  • List items inside a container with the list-inline class now require the list-inline-item class.

  • The container-fluid-1280 class has been deprecated. Please use container-fluid container-fluid-max-xl instead.

  • Responsive navbar behaviors are now applied to the navbar class via the required navbar-expand-{breakpoint} class.

  • The navbar-toggle class is now navbar-toggler and has different inner markup.

  • The navbar-header class has been removed. This container should be removed in most cases. Please, use your own container if necessary.

Next, you’ll learn how to update various theme templates to Liferay DXP 7.1. If you didn’t modify any theme templates, you can skip these sections.

Updating Portal Normal FTL

The first one to update is the portal_normal.ftl theme template. If you didn’t customize portal_normal.ftl, you can skip this section. Follow the steps below to update portal_normal.ftl:

  1. Open your modified portal_normal.ftl file and remove the breadcrumbs:

    <nav id="breadcrumbs">		
        <@liferay.breadcrumbs />		
  2. Remove id="main-surface" from the body tag. This is not needed for SPA to work properly:

    <body class="${css_class}" id="main-surface">

If you modified the portlet template for your theme, follow the steps in the next section.

Updating Portlet FTL

Follow these steps to update your modified portlet.ftl file:

  1. Find the <a class="icon-monospaced portlet-icon-back text-default" href="${portlet_back_url}" title="<@liferay.language key="return-to-full-page" />"> element and add the list-unstyled class to it:

      class="icon-monospaced list-unstyled portlet-icon-back text-default" 
      title="<@liferay.language key="return-to-full-page" />"
  2. Find the <div class="autofit-float autofit-row"> element and add the portlet-header class to it:

    <div class="autofit-float autofit-row portlet-header">

The portlet template is updated. That covers most, if not all, of the required theme template changes. If you modified any other FreeMarker theme templates, you can compare them with templates in the _unstyled theme. If your theme uses the Liferay Theme Generator, refer to the suggested changes that the gulp upgrade task reports.

Updating CSS Code

Making Configurable Theme Settings

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