Contributing the Button to AlloyEditor

Once you’ve created your button, you can add it to the list of available buttons. This can be achieved thanks to some smartly placed <liferay-util:dynamic-include /> tags in the editor’s infrastructure. To make your button available in the AlloyEditor, you must extend the BaseDynamicInclude class. Below is an example configuration that extends this class:

  1. Create a Component class that implements the DynamicInclude.class service and extends BaseDynamicInclude:

    @Component(immediate = true, service = DynamicInclude.class)
    public class MyButtonDynamicInclude extends BaseDynamicInclude {
  2. Override the include() method to include a script with your transpiled JSX file. You can use the StringBundler to concatenate the script. Note the sb.append("/js/buttons.js") line below. This is the bundleFileName you defined in your bundle’s build.gradle transpileJS task:

    public void include(
                    HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response,
                    String key)
            throws IOException {
            ThemeDisplay themeDisplay = (ThemeDisplay)request.getAttribute(
            PrintWriter printWriter = response.getWriter();
            StringBundler sb = new StringBundler(7);
            sb.append("<script src=\"");
            sb.append("\" ");
  3. Override the register() method to use the additionalResources dynamic include to add your script. Note the @Reference annotation’s target value is your bundle’s symbolic name defined in its bnd.bnd file:

        public void register(DynamicIncludeRegistry dynamicIncludeRegistry) {
                        "com.liferay.frontend.editor.alloyeditor.web#alloyeditor#" +
                target = "("
        private ServletContext _servletContext;


Now that your button is included, you can follow the steps covered in Adding Buttons to the AlloyEditor’s Toolbars tutorials to add the button to the editor’s toolbars.

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