Introduction to Gradle

Liferay provides plugins that you can apply to your Gradle project. This reference documentation describes how to apply and use Liferay’s Gradle plugins.

Important: If you’re using Liferay Workspace to create Liferay apps, many Liferay Gradle plugins are already applied by default. The com.liferay.workspace plugin provides the following plugins to all your apps in a Liferay Workspace:

  • com.liferay.css.builder
  • com.liferay.js.module.config.generator
  • com.liferay.js.transpiler
  • com.liferay.javadoc.formatter
  • com.liferay.jspc
  • com.liferay.lang.builder
  • com.liferay.source.formatter
  • com.liferay.tlddoc.builder
  • com.liferay.tld.formatter
  • com.liferay.test.integration
  • com.liferay.xml.formatter

Do not apply a Liferay Gradle plugin to an app that already has access to it.

Each article in this section describes how to apply the plugin, what Gradle tasks the plugin provides, the plugin’s configuration properties, and the plugin’s dependencies.

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