Organizing Content with Tags and Categories

Tags and categories are two important tools you can use to help organize information in Liferay DXP. These tools help users to easily find the content they’re looking for through search or navigation. Tagging and categorizing assets is easy. You can tag or categorize an asset at creation time or when editing an existing asset. If you click on the Metadata section of the form when creating or editing an asset, you’ll find an interface for adding tags and categories. If no categories are available to be added to the asset (e.g., if no categories have been created), the Select option doesn’t appear.

Figure 1: Here is the Web Content applications metadata section.

Figure 1: Here is the Web Content application's metadata section.

The Menu (Menu) contains interfaces for managing tags and categories for each site in Liferay DXP. Navigate to the Site Administration menu → Categorization, and you’ll find the Tags and Categories options. These options can be used to manage all your site’s tags and categories. It is important that you both tag and categorize your content when you enter it. You’ll take a closer look at tags and categories next.

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