Managing Permissions

The staging environment has many different options for building and managing a Site and its pages. Sometimes administrators want to limit access to staging’s subset of powerful features. A Role with permissions can accomplish this. To create/modify a Role, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Control PanelUsersRoles.

  2. To create a new Role, select the Add button (Add) and complete the New Role menu. Once you have a new Role created, or you’ve decided on the Role you want to modify, select the Role’s Actions icon (Actions) and select Edit.

  3. From the top menu, select Define Permissions.

The most obvious permissions for staging are the general permissions that look similar to the permissions for most Liferay apps. These permissions are in the Site AdministrationPublishingStaging section of the Define Permissions menu. They include

  • Access in Site Administration
  • Add to Page
  • Configuration
  • Permissions
  • Preferences
  • View

Also, there are some Site resource permissions that deal directly with staging. These permissions are in the Control PanelSitesSites section in the Define Permissions menu. The relevant Site resource permissions related to staging are listed below:

Add Page Variation: Hides/shows the Add Page Variation button on the Staging Bar’s Manage Page Variations screen.

Add Site Pages Variation: Hides/shows the Add Site Pages Variation button on the Staging Bar’s Manage Site Page Variations screen.

Export/Import Application Info: If the Publish Staging permission is not granted, hides/shows the application level Export/Import menu. The Configuration permission for the Export/Import app is also required.

Export/Import Pages: If the Publish Staging permission is not granted, hides/shows the Export/Import app in the Site Administration menu.

Manage Staging: Hides/shows the Staging Configuration menu in the Site Administration → PublishingStagingOptions (Options) menu.

Publish Application Info: Hides/shows the application level Staging menu.

Publish Staging: Hides/shows the Publish to Live button on the Staging Bar and hides/shows the Add Staging Process button (Add) in the Site Administration menu’s Staging app. This permission automatically applies the Export/Import Application Info, Export/Import Pages, and Publish Application Info permission functionality regardless of whether they’re unselected.

View Staging: If Publish Staging, Manage Pages, Manage Staging, or Update permissions are not granted, hides/shows the Site Administration menu’s Staging app.

Notice that some of the permissions above are related to the export/import functionality. Since these permissions are directly affected by the Publish Staging permission, they are important to note. Visit the Importing/Exporting Pages and Content section for more details on importing/exporting Site and page content.

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