Action: Jump to Page

Use a Jump to Page rule to navigate automatically to a specific page in the form based on one or more conditions. This is useful if some pages don’t apply to all the form’s users. Even fields marked as required on the skipped pages can be successfully skipped using this rule.

This action doesn’t appear in the rule builder unless the form has multiple pages.

To follow the example here,

  1. Create a second form page called Team Information.

  2. On the new form page, create a single selection field labeled Are you a returning racer with the same team? with two options: Yes and No.

  3. On the new form page, create a repeatable text field called Animal Name.

  4. Create a third form page called Final Confirmation.

If you use an is not equal to condition for form fields on two different pages, the condition is checked after leaving the page of the first form field, and evaluates to true since there’s a value in the first field and no value in the second field. It’s best to use this condition with fields existing on the same page.

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