Using the Patching Tool

The Patching Tool installs, removes, compares, and prepares Liferay DXP patches. It is pre-installed in Liferay DXP bundles, easy to install into Liferay DXP manual installations, and easy to update. The Patching Tool’s executable scripts facilitate patching.

Here are the essentials to get started using the Patching Tool:

Installing the Patching Tool

Liferay DXP bundles come with the Patching Tool pre-installed (in [Liferay Home]/patching-tool) and pre-configured with the default settings. Skip this section if you’re using a bundle.

If you installed Liferay DXP manually, however, you must also install the Patching Tool manually.

  1. Download the Patching Tool from the Customer Portal.

  2. Unzip the Patching Tool to your Liferay Home folder (recommended) or to another folder.

After installing the Patching Tool, you must configure it to use your Liferay DXP installation. The patching-tool folder you extracted from the Patching Tool ZIP file contains the Patching Tool, including its executable scripts.


The Unix shell and Windows batch scripts distributed with the Patching Tool make it easier to use. On Unix systems, run

./ parameters

On Windows, run

patching-tool parameters

The Windows command patching-tool is used in the examples that follow. On Unix, replace the name of the executable before running the commands.

Installing patches is next!

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