Managing LCS Users in Your Project

The Users section of LCS is where you manage the LCS users that are part of your project. It’s here that you can grant or revoke LCS Roles. To manage users, first click the Users tab just below the Dashboard tab on the upper-left of your screen.

Figure 1: The Users tab lets you manage the LCS users in your project.

Figure 1: The Users tab lets you manage the LCS users in your project.

The Users tab displays a list of the users in your project. This list includes each user’s name, email, image, LCS Roles, and a Manage Roles button. Each LCS user must have an assigned Role. The following Roles are available:

LCS Administrator: All LCS functionality is available to administrators. This is the only Role that can manage other users’ Roles.

LCS Environment Manager: All LCS functionality is available in the scope of an environment, with the exception of managing other users.

LCS Environment Viewer: Has read-only access in the scope of an environment.

You should note that each of these LCS Roles assume users already have the LCS User Role in their accounts. The LCS User Role is granted automatically the first time a user logs into LCS. The actions that can be performed by each of the LCS Roles are detailed in the below permissions matrix.

LCS Permissions Matrix

Action LCS Administrator LCS Environment Manager LCS Environment Viewer
Access LCStruetruetrue
Access Any Environmenttruefalsefalse
Access a Particular Environmenttruetruetrue
Manage Userstruefalsefalse
Create and Delete Environmentstruefalsefalse
Edit Any Environmenttruefalsefalse
Edit a Particular Environmenttruetruefalse
Server Registration in Any Environmenttruefalsefalse
Server Registration in a Particular Environmenttruetruefalse
Install Fix Packs in Any Environmenttruefalsefalse
Install Fix Packs in a Particular Environmenttruetruefalse

Now that you know what Roles are available in an LCS project and what they do, you’re ready to learn how to manage them.

Managing LCS Roles

Follow these steps to manage a user’s LCS Roles:

  1. Click the user’s Manage Roles button.

  2. To revoke a Role, click Revoke Role for that Role.

  3. To assign a Role, choose the Role (and environment, if applicable) and click Assign.

Figure 2: You can assign or revoke a users LCS Roles.

Figure 2: You can assign or revoke a user's LCS Roles.

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