Modifying Your Service Layer for Entity Actions

Just as you did in the previous learning path on setting permissions, you’ll need to modify your service layer. Your current Guestbook portlet is only allowed to add entries and their resources, but you have no way of deleting them. To be able to create an action method to delete entities, you’ll need to provide a delete method in your service layer. You’ll do this next by editing your -LocalServiceImpl classes.

  1. Open your EntryLocalServiceImpl class and add the following method:

     public Entry deleteEntry(Entry entry) throws PortalException, SystemException {
         resourceLocalService.deleteResource(entry.getCompanyId(), Entry.class.getName(),
             ResourceConstants.SCOPE_INDIVIDUAL, entry.getPrimaryKey());
         return super.deleteEntry(entry);

    Similar to your addEntry(...) method, this method deletes the entry’s resources, and then deletes the entry.

  2. Press Ctrl-Shift-O to add and organize the class’ necessary imports.

  3. Build your Guestbook portlet’s services by right-clicking the project and selecting LiferayBuild Services.

Now that your service layer has all the required methods for adding entity actions, it’s time to begin creating action methods in your managed beans that your action buttons will use.

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