Developing Liferay Plugins with Additional Maven Archetypes

Liferay provides more archetypes than just the ones for portlets, hooks, themes, and layout templates. The Liferay team has been busy expanding the list of archetypes available for Liferay app development.

Check out these exciting archetypes that are available:

  • Liferay ServiceBuilder portlets
  • Liferay web plugins
  • Liferay Ext plugins
  • JSF Portlet Archetype
  • ICEFaces Portlet Archetype
  • PrimeFaces Portlet Archetype
  • Liferay Faces Alloy Portlet Archetype
  • Liferay Rich Faces Portlet Archetype

In addition, there are some Maven goals Liferay has provided:

  • DBBuilder - The build-db goal lets you execute the DBBuilder to generate SQL files.
  • SassToCSSBuilder - The build-css goal precompiles SASS in your css; this goal has been added to theme archetype.

You now have plenty of archetypes at your disposal!

If you’ve been following our story that’s dispersed throughout our Maven tutorials, you might be concerned for the cat we introduced, Lenore II. Alas, your concern is warranted. I’ll let Edgar Allen Poe (from The Raven) break the news to you:

“But the chair whose violet lining with the lamp-light gloating o’er, Lenore II shall press, ah, nevermore!”

Lenore II didn’t make it through all of the Liferay Maven tutorials, but you did. You can develop all your Liferay plugins using Maven; there’s a standard process for generating the archetypes and selecting your plugin options for each plugin type. You can then customize the archetype to your liking. Using Maven to develop plugins offers an easy and effective way to customize your Liferay Portal.

Are you wondering if we’re going to make more terrible jokes that steal from classic poetry? Quoth the Maven, “Probably.”

You’re ready to create all kinds of Liferay plugins based on Liferay’s plugin archetypes. Just don’t let Lenore III sleep near the fire this time.

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