Deploying Plugins to a Local Portal Instance

Liferay IDE provides multiple options for deploying plugins: you can drag and drop your project onto the server or right click the server and select Add and Remove…. It’s almost as easy using an Ant target directly from the Plugins SDK. Simply open a terminal window, navigate to your project’s directory (e.g., portlets/[portlet name]) in your Plugins SDK and enter

ant deploy

A BUILD SUCCESSFUL message indicates that Ant built your portlet’s WAR file and that it’s now being deployed. If you switch to the terminal window running Liferay, within a few seconds you should see a message, like the following message, indicating that your plugin is available to use in the portal:

1 portlet for [portlet name] is available for use

If you don’t see such a message, double-check your plugin’s configuration.

Adding newly deployed portlet plugins from within Liferay Portal is easy. In your web browser, log in to the portal. Click on the Add icon on the left side of the page and select the Applications tab. Select your portlet’s category (Sample is the default category), and then click Add next to [portlet title]. Your portlet appears in the page.

Deploying Liferay Plugins with Maven

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