Choosing IPv4 or IPv6

Liferay Portal supports both the IPv4 and IPv6 address formats, though by default, Liferay uses IPv4 addresses. If you’re on an IPv6 network, you’ll need to change the configuration. If you’d like more information on the basics of these protocols, you can check out the reason for using IPv6 addresses, and its technical details.

To configure your portal to validate IPv6 addresses, you must complete a few simple steps. First, assuming you’re using the Tomcat app server for your portal, navigate to the ${TOMCAT_HOME}/bin/setenv.bat file and set in CATALINA_OPTS. Then, create a file in your portal’s home directory (if necessary) and set the tunnel.servlet.hosts.allowed property to the target hosts you want to allow (e.g., 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1).

Now that you understand all the prerequisites for installing Liferay Portal, let’s go ahead and get it done! First we’ll go over installing Liferay from a bundle, and after this we’ll provide instructions for installing Liferay manually on all the application servers it supports.

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