Unable to Include 'form' Attribute in Alloy Editor for the Web Content Portlet

This article documents a known issue with the <form> attribute in Alloy Editor.

When the <form> attribute is used for building submittable forms in HTML, Alloy Editor will convert <form> into <p> when added from HTML source code. This is expected in Alloy Editor, as the design of Web Content was not originally intended to support this use case.


Status: Workaround Available 

Below are the different workarounds to implement forms in Liferay DXP:

  • Use Liferay Forms to build forms.
  • Use an alternative editor in Liferay Digital Enterprise 7.0 (i.e. CKEditor) as a workaround. Set: editor.wysiwyg.portal-impl.portlet.ddm.text_html.ftl=ckeditor prior to startup.*

*Please Note: While the <form> attribute works in CKEditor, please proceed at your own risk as this functionality is not intended to be used in Web Content.

Additional Information

See LPS-71067 for the feature request ticket regarding form tags in Alloy Editor.

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