Public Hostnames and IP Addresses

Very often a Liferay Portal or Liferay DXP instance resides inside a private network and—due to a company's security policy—while it can serve content to the public Internet, it cannot access the Internet by default. In such cases, cloud-based services—like Marketplace App Activation and Liferay Connected Services—may fail if traffic to the correct hostnames are not allowed.

Additionally, enterprise email clients may restrict messages sent by Liferay systems, such as the user verification email or ticket updates.


Liferay Server Access

In order to allow traffic to Liferay platform servers, a company's network administrator must configure the firewall to allow the server which runs the portal to allow inbound and outbound traffic to the following hostnames:

Liferay Hostnames

  • *

Liferay Email Access

To ensure the delivery of emails sent by Liferay systems (,,, etc), please make sure to whitelist the following IP addresses:


Email messages that are sent by Liferay staff are delivered from different IP addresses managed by Liferay's email provider.

Liferay Connected Services (LCS)

For the LCS client app to work, it must be able to access the following DNS names. If your server is behind a proxy and/or a firewall, then you must open access to these: IP and IP addresses are not static and fall within the us-east-1 and AMAZON service ranges listed on

Additional Information has migrated to a cloud system. As a result, Liferay's public IP addresses are not static and instead fall within a range of addresses listed on this page

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