Leveraging LCS Notifications

Page Analytics, Fix Pack Management, and Portal Properties have been discontinued. Please read the LCS Feature Deprecation Update to learn more about their removal.

One of the benefits of using Liferay Connected Services (LCS) is that you have the ability to see useful information from different environments in the same location. This information can also be distributed to all project members through various types of notifications. This article briefly documents the notification capabilities with LCS.


LCS offers three types of notifications:

  1. Web Notifications
    1. Displayed in the top right corner, next to your profile picture, on all LCS pages.
    2. Generated automatically by the system.
    3. Cannot be customized by users.
  2. Subscription Messages 
    1. Displayed on the Subscriptions page (this page can be reached from your LCS dashboard by using the left-hand menu).
    2. Sent by the Support team.
    3. Contains important information regarding your subscription.
  3. Email Notifications
    1. Sent by email to each user's inbox.
    2. Can be customized by users individually.
    3. A different notification rule can be created for each project, environment and server. 


To create your personal email notification rules, follow these steps:

  1. Click on your profile picture in the top right corner of any LCS page. 
  2. Select My Account
  3. Choose the project, environment and server. 
  4. The default valueif there are no environments or servers selectedis All
  5. Mark the events for which you want to be notified.
  6. Click Save


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