Requesting a Liferay Portal Activation Key

This article describes the process of obtaining a Liferay Portal Activation Key once the order has been placed and invoiced.


Gold and Platinum Customers

Server Activation Keys

  1. Open a support ticket in Help Center
  2. Set Component to Activation Key
  3. Fill in the ticket form, including the activation key details. 
  4. Submit the ticket form. 

The activation key will then be provided on the ticket along with deployment instructions. If you have any questions, please use Help Center to open a ticket and let us know.

Developer Activation Keys

Navigate to the Activation Key Support page and select your Liferay project and Liferay Portal version. Once you click on the Download Activation Key button, the xml file will be made available immediately.

If you do not see your project in the drop down menu, please open a Help Center ticket under the "Project Administration" component.

Limited Customers

  1. Open the Activation Key Request Form
  2. Fill in the form, including server Details: MAC Address, IP Address, Host Name
  3. Submit the form​

Once the form is submitted, Liferay will get you the requested license as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact 

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