Document Repository Support Policy

This article specifies the support policy for document repository integrations. Liferay Digital Experience Platform, Liferay Portal EE, and Liferay Commerce ("the product") have been designed to work with a wide array of third-party document management system repositories. This article addresses support coverage unique to document repository integrations and not already covered in the generic Document Library Integrations policy.

For more information please see the Document Library Integrations policy.

Defining Support

  1. Liferay seeks to ensure that the product can connect to compatible document management systems, that basic document management functions are operational, and that files can be imported and exported between the product and the document management system. Liferay also seeks to ensure that both products are CMIS compliant and will resolve any product defects that prevent them from meeting the CMIS standard.
  2. Liferay Support will offer guidance on configuring the product to connect to CMIS-compliant repositories or tested, proprietary repositories. Liferay will resolve any issues encountered with the product when connecting to a compatible repository. when connecting to a CMIS-compliant repository or a tested, proprietary repository.

  3. Installing and configuring a document management system is the responsibility of the subscriber.

Compatible Versions

The product is only tested as compatible with particular versions of specific document management systems and issues that occur as a result of using other versions will be resolved on a case-by-case basis. The compatible versions are listed in the Integrated Technology Compatibility Matrix for Liferay DXP, Liferay Portal, and Liferay Commerce.


There are a few limitations subscribers may experience when using the product with SharePoint. These limitations are specific to SharePoint.

  1. File Extensions: File extensions cannot be changed
  2. Versioning:
    • File names are not versioned.
    • Moved files lose version history.
    • A working copy version is only visible to the user who checked it out.
  3. Search:
    • ENDS-WITH queries are converted to CONTAINS (i.e., "*txt" is converted to "*txt*" )
    • INTERMEDIATE WILDCARD queries are converted to MULTIPLE CONTAINS queries (i.e., "*image*jpg*" is converted to "*image*" OR "*jpg*")

Additional Information

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