Document Thumbnails and Previews Support Policy

This article specifies the support policy for document thumbnail and previews. Liferay Digital Experience Platform, Liferay Portal EE, and Liferay Commerce ("the product") have a feature which enables document preview generation integration with the Documents and Media Library. By default, Liferay only has Java-based APIs available to generate previews for documents. This article addresses support coverage unique to document thumbnails and previews and not already covered in the generic Document Library Integrations policy.

For more information please see the Document Library Integrations policy.

For details about Xuggler, please see the Xuggler Support Policy article.

Defining Support

  1. Liferay seeks to ensure that the product can connect to and communicate with compatible third-party preview generation solutions to make a document preview viewable in the Document Library.

  2. Liferay seeks to ensure that thumbnail previews for PDF files will generate after the document has been added to the Document Library directly.

  3. Liferay Support will provide guidance on configuring the product to connect with compatible third-party preview generation solutions.

  4. The vendor is responsible for issues with a third-party preview generation solutions.

  5. The subscriber is responsible for installing and configuring third-party preview generation solutions.

Compatible Versions

The product has been tested as compatible with particular versions of specific preview generation solutions. The compatible versions are listed in the Integrated Technologies Compatibility Matrix for Liferay DXPLiferay Portal, and Liferay Commerce.

OpenOffice or LibreOffice

The product can be configured to use OpenOffice or LibreOffice to generate thumbnails and previews for supported file types (.pdf, .docx, .odt, .ppt, .odp, etc.), view documents in a browser and convert documents. For specific information regarding OpenOffice and LibreOffice integration please see the Document Conversion policy.

Additional Information

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