IBM DB2 Database Support Policy

This article specifies the Liferay support policy for the IBM DB2 database application when used with Liferay Digital Experience Platform, Liferay Portal EE, or Liferay Commerce ("the product"). It addresses support coverage unique to DB2 and not already covered in the generic Database Application policy.

For more information please see the Database Application Policy.

DB2 Distributions

The name DB2 is used in various contexts and can refer to three distinct product lines. The product is tested as compatible with DB2 for Linux, Unix, and Windows (LUW), otherwise known as DB2 for distributed systems.

DB2 z/OS or DB2 (integrated with IBM’s operating system) aren’t compatible with the product.

DB2 for LUW Editions

The following editions are available for LUW:

  • Express-C
  • Express
  • Workgroup
  • Enterprise
  • Advanced Enterprise

DB2 Express-C is not supported by IBM and IBM fix packs can’t be applied to Express-C. Therefore, DB2 Express-C isn’t compatible with the product.

Additional Information

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