Microsoft SQL Server Database Support Policy

This article specifies the Liferay support policy for the Microsoft SQL Server database application when used with Liferay Digital Experience Platform, Liferay Portal EE, or Liferay Commerce ("the product"). It addresses support coverage unique to SQL Server and not already covered in the generic Database Application policy.

For more information please see the Database Application Policy.

SQLServer Express Edition

SQL Server Express Edition is not tested as compatible with the product. The Express Edition has explicit limitations on database size, CPU core usage and memory usage. Therefore, Liferay cannot assure that SQLServer Express Edition is adequate for all production environments that use the product.

Snapshot Isolation

For SQL Server to function properly with the product, SQL Server’s Read Committed Snapshot Isolation level must be turned on. While other databases enable this behavior out of the box, it is disabled by default for SQL Server.

Additional Information

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