Common Error With Staging or Export/Import Between Servers

The article documents an error users may encounter when attempting to establish Remote Live Staging or when the export/import feature between two Liferay instances is used. It is mandatory to have exactly the same Liferay versions on both servers when attempting to establish Remote Live Staging or using the export/import feature. It is also recommended to use exactly the same patch(es) to avoid failures and data corruption.


Example Steps to Reproduce

  1. Start Liferay 6.2 EE SP11
  2. Create a Site with a page
  3. Create a Web Content Structure with an image field
  4. Create a Web Content Template for your Structure
  5. Create a Web Content Article with your Structure, upload an image to the image field
  6. Export the whole Site into a LAR file
  7. Start Liferay 6.2 EE with portal-86-6210 fix pack
  8. Create a Site
  9. Import the LAR file into your Site
  10. Check your Web Content Article


The image is missing from the article.


If you are moving data between two different environments using export/import or Remote Staging, you need to make sure that the same patches are applied to all servers being used. This is also true if you are importing a LAR file which originated from the same server. It is essential that all servers are updated with the same patch level which ensures that the code base of the export and import processes are in sync and they will handle the data in the same way. 

Additional Information

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