Digital Experience Platform 7.1 Deprecated and Archived Items

In order to continually improve our product offering, Liferay may—on occasion—deprecate features and functionality in the Platform. Features are typically updated because there are new and better ways of solving the particular problem the feature was designed for.

For more information about why these items were deprecated or future plans please open a support ticket. Details about the support coverage for deprecated items can be found here.


The following is a list of Liferay items present in Liferay Digital Experience Platform 7.0 and deprecated for Liferay DXP 7.1.


  • AlloyUI
  • Google Login
  • NTLM
  • OpenID
  • PACL
  • Resources Importer
  • REST Extender
  • Template Engines
  • User Groups Pages 

Deprecated and Archived

The following is a list of Liferay items present in DXP 7.0, but deprecated and archived for Liferay DXP 7.1. For more information on retrieving modules from, please see Installing Removed Modules From Liferay's Public Repository. The modules below are classified as Deprecated.  The Marketplace apps below are classified as Archived.


  • Bookmarks (Bookmarks was undeprecated in DXP 7.4 Update 38 and higher)
  • Directory (*
  • Friend Requests (*
  • Group Statistics (*
  • JAMWiki
  • Microblogs (com.liferay.microblogs.*)*
  • Plugins SDK
  • Quick Note*
  • Recent Downloads (com.liferay.recent.documents.web)*
  • Social Activity (*
  • User Statistics (*
  • Web Content List
  • Web Content Search(*
  • Web Proxy (com.liferay.web.proxy.web)*
  • XSL Content (com.liferay.xsl.content.web)

* Module is still available on as a published jar.

Marketplace Apps

  • Chat
  • Columns Layout
  • Documentum Connector
  • Events List
  • IP Geocoder
  • Invitation
  • JSPWiki
  • Marvel Integration
  • MediaWiki
  • Private Messaging
  • Shield Integration
  • Social Networking
  • Twitter
  • Virtual LDAP Server
  • Web Form
  • WSRP
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