Before Opening a Liferay API Ticket

The following article outlines a short checklist of questions to ask and steps to take before opening a Liferay API ticket. By taking a moment to go through this checklist before opening a request, you are ensuring the fastest possible resolution for the particular issue.


For each ticket, please attach your file as well as the output of the patching-tool info command specific to the environment.

For Liferay API tickets specifically, please work through the following checklist and include the resulting information when you create a ticket:

  1. Provide us with the API that you believe is not functioning correctly and include the intended behavior.
  2. Provide a test portlet or the source files from a project which will illustrate the issue
  3. Provide step-by-step test case.
  4. Inserting debug breakpoints is a great way to verify that the API is running through certain APIs
  5. If this project involves Maven:
    1. Please attach the project files including a pom.xml configured to allow the CSE to compile and test the project.
    2. Please attach any errors received.
    3. What type of repository is being used (local or remote)?
    4. Which version of Maven is being utilized?
    5. Which phase of the build is failing?
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