Wiki Permission Details

Wiki Permissions can be "layered" because of the multiple permissions that can go into it. This article aims to explain the different levels that wiki permissions can happen on.


Permission to the wiki can be set in the following levels:

  • Wiki node level
  • User level
  • Portlet Level
  • Individual page

This can cause some confusion because you can have permissions for certain users, however they can still be denied access depending on the rest of the permissions. The best way to work with this is to double check permissions at all levels to make sure that every user is experiencing the correct settings.

Wiki Node Level Permissions

Can be changed in the Control Panel > Wiki section. Lets you change the permissions for who has access to specific wiki nodes.

Portlet Level Permissions

Can be modified for each portlet in the Portlet configurations. Here, the permissions for who has access to the portlet and/or certain aspects of that portlet can be modified.

User Level Permissions

Can be modified in Control Panel > Users and Organizations. Allows you to give permission to specific users. Keep in mind, though, that tweaks at the other permission levels may need to be made to provide the user access.

For example, if the user has permissions to access Wiki nodes, but the Wiki Portlet placed on a Page does not provide View permissions to all users, then the user does not necessarily have access to view the Wiki Node in the the Wiki Portlet on that Page.

Each individual page also has its own permissions that can be modified in the Control Panel > Site Pages > Permissions. This modifies who has permissions on specific pages.

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