Patching Liferay Portal When There Are Custom Apps Installed

Liferay Portal fix packs and hotfixes will often update, not only JSPs, but also classes. In order to ensure that your custom projects continue to use the most up-to-date code, please follow these guidelines


  1. Use the latest Patching Tool found here: Patching Tool download page.
    1. Patching Tool, version 21 and higher, will now update all the original JSPs that may have been overridden by a hook, making it easier to revert hooks or just to review the latest JSP version.
  2. Patch your source code with the Patching Tool by updating the file so that patching.mode=source OR manually merge the updated code found in the src folder of the fix pack/hotfix archive.
  3. Build and redeploy your custom projects in a test environment and ensure that everything continues to work as expected.
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