Before Opening a LAR/Staging Ticket

The following article outlines a short checklist of questions to ask and steps to take before opening a LAR/Staging ticket in Help Center. By taking a moment to go through this checklist before opening a Help Center request, you ensure the fastest possible resolution for your particular issue.


For each ticket, please attach your file as well as the output of the patching-tool info command specific to the environment. For LAR/Staging tickets specifically, please work through the following checklist and include the resulting information when you create a ticket:

Note: If this is the first time staging, understand that the entire site needs to be staged first, which, depending on the size of the site, can take a long time.  Please see: Staging Publishing Takes a Long Time

  1. How large is the LAR? There may be issues when it is over 2GB
  2. If you are staging, are you able to export/import LARs?
  3. Have you enabled the logs for LARs? (Give the different logs that can be enabled)
    1. Search Lar in Control Panel > Server Administration > Log Levels and set to DEBUG
  4. If you are receiving an "Out of Memory" exception, please provide us with: 
    1. Details on the JVM and OS environment
    2. Heap dump (please see Taking Heap Dumps From a JVM)
  5. Are you receiving a Null Pointer Exception?
    1. In the please make sure that com.liferay.portal.upload.UploadServletRequestImpl.max.size= is included and set to a large size (the property is in bytes).
  6. Are you staging to a blank site?
    1. If using a date range of ALL and the Documents and Media or Web Content is selected, it will load the entire site and not the site page.
  7. Which Portal version are you staging on?
    1. Because of how data is serialized, LARs are tied to the originating portal version. For example, users attemping to import verson 6.1.30 LARs into a 6.2 EE portal will recieve an error message stating that the build numbers do not match.
    2. If you want to migrate data between portal versions, please reference Upgrading to Liferay Portal 6.2 EE.
  8. Attachments
    1. Screen shots of the staging settings or Export settings.
    2. Screen shots of any messages displayed.
    3. Attachment of the LAR if you are able to export.
    4. Complete logs with full exceptions from start to finish.

Additional Information

We have published additional documentation that will help you prevent Staging issues and complete your project in an efficient and timely manner. These are listed under the Related Articles heading at the top-right of this page. Feel free to use these resources as a guideline to assist you in getting the most out of Staging, whether Local Live or Remote Live.

Remote Staging Setup for Liferay Portal 6.2 

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