Liferay Service Packs

This article aims to clarify what a Service Pack is, and the two methods that may be used to achieve the latest Service Pack level.


For newer versions of the Liferay platform, a Service Pack (e.g. 6.2 EE SP5 and above) is simply the original, major-release version of the Liferay platform (e.g. 6.2 EE, or DXP 7.2) with the following updates included:

  1. An updated patching tool (if the tool has been updated since the original release)
  2. Updated plugins (if new versions have come out since the original release)
  3. The latest portal fix packs

Because a service pack is simply an updated version of the original release, there are two ways to update to the latest service pack:

  1. Download the latest service pack bundle

    Download the bundle here. The download contains the original release version with the latest patching tool, plugins, and fix packs.  This is best for starting new projects with Liferay.

  2. Update your current bundle

    For existing projects, downloading a new Service Pack bundle and starting from scratch is not a sustainable way of keeping your environment up-to-date. For most users, updating your existing environment  through fix packs is the best way to achieve the latest service pack level.

To do this:

  1. Download the latest patching tool from the customer portal and install it in your environment.
  2. Download the latest versions of the plugins in your portal from the Liferay Marketplace and install them.
  3. Download the latest fixpacks from the customer portal and install them via the patching tool.

Note: Be sure to backup your Liferay installation and database regularly, especially before patching.

Additional Information

To see which Fix Packs and Plugin versions have been included in each of the Service Packs, please see: 

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