Site scope is lost when clicking on a facet after upgrading to Portal 6.2

Searches done in all scopes ("Everything") from a Search portlet upgraded from Portal 6.1 will lose the scope and filter only to the current site if a facet is selected.

This only happens if before the upgrade the Search portlet's "Display Settings" configuration was changed from "Basic" to "Advanced" and the default Search Configuration was not changed.


This is a known issue; the advanced configuration of the search portlet is not changed during upgrade in order to avoid the possible loss of customization. The default Search Configuration for 6.1 does not have a "scopes" facet, which leads to the described behaviour.

In order to workaround this issue, a configuration block of the Scope Facet similar to the one below must be added to the JSON Facet Configuration of the Search Portlet:

"displayStyle": "scopes",
"static": false,
"weight": 1.6,
"order": "OrderHitsDesc",
{ "maxTerms": 10, "frequencyThreshold": 1, "showAssetCount": true },
"className": "",
"label": "site",
"fieldName": "groupId"

Additional Information

See LPS-53703 for more information.

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