Exceptions when remote staging in a clustered environment

This article is a legacy article. It applies to previous versions of the Liferay product. While the article is no longer maintained, the information may still be applicable.

In a clustered environment with Remote Live staging turned on, user may see printed in the logs "unable to serialize delta request for sessionid" and a NotSerializableException periodically appearing. Here is an example:

SEVERE: Unable to serialize delta request for sessionid [B7965B1BECDA70F112DE9CEC67FAF1A7.es-ppwccs01-wccs1] java.io.NotSerializableException: com.liferay.portal.model.LayoutStagingHandler

Affected Products

Liferay Portal 6.1.x EE


​Resolved on Liferay Portal 6.2

Request for the solution described on LPS-30303
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