DynamicCSSFilter and MinifierFilter Create Temp Files in the Wrong Directory After the Portal-67-6130 Fix Pack

The Liferay Portal 6.1 EE GA3 Portal-67 Fix Pack allows DynamicCSSFilter and MinifierFilter to create temporary files in the wrong directory.


Affects Versions

  • 6.1 EE GA3 patched with Portal-67-6130+
  • 6.1 EE GA3 patched with a hotfix containing LPE-15732 for LSV-311

Temporary cache files of DynamicCSSFilter and MinifierFilter are created in the directory where the Java process was launched from (e.g. TOMCAT_HOME/bin) instead of inside the server's temp directory (e.g. TOMCAT_HOME/temp/liferay/css and TOMCAT_HOME/temp/liferay/minifier[/portal]/ ).

Please request a new hotfix by opening a Help Center ticket with the following title: Hotfix request for LPE-16018.

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